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Serena Piccioni

Senior Developer

I am a Senior Developer with 20+ years of experience in the digital and information technology industry.

I started in 1998, creating HTML pages and taking an ASP 3.0 course.
In 1999 I completed my first website based on ASP 3.0, Access and HTML, and then worked as a Webmaster for some web agencies.
In 2007 I did my first PHP project; in 2008, I built a business website based on WordPress.

My focus is mainly on WordPress; I am skilled in PHP, Databases, CSS and HTML.
I have sharp attention to detail and a keen eye for troubleshooting, and I pride myself on writing clean, efficient and user-friendly code. As an example of my coding skills, you can check out my WordPress plugins, WP INCI and Site Toolkit.

I also gave a speech at WordCamp Milan 2019 about how to develop themes with Timber and Twig.


PHP (Python, Perl) • Javascript, CSS, HTMLGIT and SVN • jQuery, Bootstrap, Ajax, SOAP, RESTWordPress, Django (Zend2, Symfony2, Laravel) • MySQL, Apache (Nginx) • Linux (Ubuntu and CentOS), AWS, CircleCI

Information Architecture • Problem Solving • User Experience • Web Development • E-commerce • Web Project Management • User Interface • Web Applications • User Interface Design


Advanced PHP, Training Dragon, London (UK), 2016
21 – 24 March 2016, a four-day course about Advanced PHP web programming, including OOP, MVC, and introduction to MVC framework (with course completion certificate).

Rails Girls Milan, WCAP Accelerator, Milan (Italy), 2013
14 and 15 November 2013, a two-day course about Ruby and Ruby on Rails.

Learning Drupal: Global Training Day, Wellnet s.r.l., Milan (Italy), 2012
14 September 2012, a one-day course about the structure and functionalities of Drupal.

Java Programming Language (SL-275), Sun Microsystems Italia, Milan (Italy), 2005
The Java Programming Language course provides students with a solid foundation for programming with Java, including information about the syntax of the Java programming language; object-oriented programming with the Java programming language; creating graphical user interfaces (GUIs), exceptions, file input/output (I/O), and threads; and networking.

European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL), Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Milan (Italy), 2004
ECDL is the International standard in digital skills certification; I am certified in all the standard modules.

System Administrator Training at ISOPIA Inc., Toronto, Ontario (Canada), 2000
13 and 14 November 2000 (with course completion certificate).

Laurea in Filosofia, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Milan (Italy), 1998
Thesis title: I software didattici multimediali: una ricognizione critica (Multimedia educational software: a critical analysis), 197 pages. This is a formally 4-year degree (which usually takes at least 5 to complete) followed by a research thesis; its best approximation in the UK would be Bachelor plus Master (3+2).

CIFA (Centro Italiano Formazione Aggiornamento)


I was a JavaScript, VBScript, SQL, ASP, XML teacher for the European Social Fund courseEsperto Web Developer (Web Developer Expert).



I was an HTML, JavaScript, VBScript, SQL and ASP teacher for the Master Web Developer.

Franco Angeli

Software per l’apprendimento


I developed (programming and graphics) the CD-ROM distributed with the book Software per l’apprendimento (Software for learning), Franco Angeli, Milano, in Macromedia Director.
I was directly involved in the IRRE Lombardia research with the schools.