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Serena Piccioni

Senior Developer

I am a Senior Developer with 20+ years of experience in the digital and information technology industry.

I started in 1998, creating HTML pages and taking an ASP 3.0 course.
In 1999 I completed my first website based on ASP 3.0, Access and HTML, and then worked as a Webmaster for some web agencies.
In 2007 I did my first PHP project; in 2008, I built a business website based on WordPress.

My focus is mainly on WordPress; I am skilled in PHP, Databases, CSS and HTML.
I have sharp attention to detail and a keen eye for troubleshooting, and I pride myself on writing clean, efficient and user-friendly code. As an example of my coding skills, you can check out my WordPress plugin WP INCI and Site Toolkit.

I also gave a speech at WordCamp Milan 2019 about how to develop themes with Timber and Twig.

Skills and education


PHP (Python, Perl) • Javascript, CSS, HTMLGIT and SVN • jQuery, Bootstrap, Ajax, SOAP, RESTWordPress, Django (Zend2, Symfony2, Laravel) • MySQL, Apache (Nginx) • Linux (Ubuntu and CentOS), AWS, CircleCI

Information Architecture • Problem Solving • User Experience • Web Development • E-commerce • Web Project Management • User Interface • Web Applications • User Interface Design


Advanced PHP, Training Dragon, London (UK), 2016
21 – 24 March 2016, a four-day course about Advanced PHP web programming, including OOP, MVC, and introduction to MVC framework (with course completion certificate).

Rails Girls Milan, WCAP Accelerator, Milan (Italy), 2013
14 and 15 November 2013, a two-day course about Ruby and Ruby on Rails.

Learning Drupal: Global Training Day, Wellnet s.r.l., Milan (Italy), 2012
14 September 2012, a one-day course about the structure and functionalities of Drupal.

Java Programming Language (SL-275), Sun Microsystems Italia, Milan (Italy), 2005
The Java Programming Language course provides students with a solid foundation for programming with Java, including information about the syntax of the Java programming language; object-oriented programming with the Java programming language; creating graphical user interfaces (GUIs), exceptions, file input/output (I/O), and threads; and networking.

European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL), Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Milan (Italy), 2004
ECDL is the International standard in digital skills certification; I am certified in all the standard modules.

System Administrator Training at ISOPIA Inc., Toronto, Ontario (Canada), 2000
13 and 14 November 2000 (with course completion certificate).

Laurea in Filosofia, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Milan (Italy), 1998
Thesis title: I software didattici multimediali: una ricognizione critica (Multimedia educational software: a critical analysis), 197 pages. This is a formally 4-year degree (which usually takes at least 5 to complete) followed by a research thesis; its best approximation in the UK would be Bachelor plus Master (3+2).

Work experience

UK Statistical System - Main page


Senior Developer

04/2020- present

London, United Kingdom

I am part of the GovPress team. GovPress is dxw’s website development, hosting, and support service for the public sector and charitable organisations. We host high-profile websites like NHS England and the National Audit Office and look after smaller websites like the Safety Tech Network and Settle housing. We currently look after around 100 websites and have more than 60 clients. I have worked on almost all those projects in the last three years.
As a senior developer, I also coach and mentor colleagues, I am directly responsible for managing some of them and interview new talents to fill open positions in my team.

HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, WordPress, MySQL

Global Interagency Security Forum - Homepage


Senior Developer

12/2018- 03/2020

London, United Kingdom

During my time in Helpful Digital, I built and supported their WordPress websites and other digital products, developing custom themes and plugins. Some example of works that I’ve done at Helpful includes websites for Community Business Weekend, Global Interagency Security Forum, Local Government Information Unit, Lambeth Together and What Scotland Thinks.

HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, PHP, WordPress

Shots Showreel - Homepage


Senior Developer

05/2017- 06/2018

London, United Kingdom

I started fixing up, auditing and maintaining some WordPress websites, but right after I switched to moving back in-house the website, frontend in Zend2 and backend in custom PHP, fixing bugs, refreshing the backend, and taking care of all the new features. I also created the new website to replace the DVD connected to the Shots magazine,, using WordPress and the Vimeo API to manage their videos. I also brought in-house other two PHP projects built in CodeIgniter and Laravel, and, including handling the logistics of moving over the code and domains and implementing new fixes and additions. I helped with developing some features for the Media Production Show website in Django as the last project.

HTML, CSS, LESS, Javascript, jQuery, PHP, WordPress, Zend2, Vimeo API, CodeIgniter, Laravel, Django, Python.

Estée Lauder Companies

Online Engineer

06/2016- 10/2016

London, United Kingdom

I worked on the frontend and backend of some of the UK brands, helping to implement some functionalities like a new search engine and a social media content manager for Bumble and bumble and a gift wrap option into the shopping cart for all the brands. I also managed simple changes on the Drupal pages.

Drupal, Perl, HTML, CSS, GIT.

GovNet - Homepage


Website Developer

03/2015- 06/2016

London, United Kingdom

I worked on the new responsive version of the company’s main website in WordPress from scratch; I also take care of all the Expo and Events websites. I made the Understanding ModernGov website responsive without changing the look and feel, adding Bootstrap and optimising code and database. As for my last project, I migrated another division website, Inside Government, from a custom PHP application to WordPress, leaving the same design as the old one but responsive.

PHP, MySQL, CSS3, HTML5, WordPress.

Setonix - UnaDonna Homepage


WordPress/PHP Web Developer

03/2014- 12/2014

Milan, Italy

I worked on the new responsive template for the main website,, on WordPress, making many improvements (porting old plugins into the template, refactoring the code, and so on). I also did a plugin to manage mp4 and youtube videos, and I converted the old functionality to manage galleries into a new one that uses the standard WordPress gallery shortcode. I also did some customisation for special occasions (Christmas, Valentine’s day, Fashion Weeks, etc.) and a platform to manage online tests and quizzes.

PHP, MySQL, CSS3, HTML5, Bootstrap, WordPress.

SCL Services & Consulting

Senior PHP Developer

11/2013- 12/2013

London, United Kingdom

I worked on a project already online with many unresolved issues. I put it under version control using GIT, I created documentation, I helped colleagues to understand the structure of Silex and I developed the connection with the services of the Facebook API.

PHP, MySQL, CSS3, HTML5, GIT, Facebook Graph API, Silex.

Vivacom - EICMA


PHP Programmer

10/2012- 10/2013

Milan, Italy

I worked on several projects using WordPress and Bootstrap. I developed the template from the graphic design into HTML and CSS. I implemented all the functions needed, making one or more plugins or integrating them into the template. I also worked on the e-commerce site for Cargo Milano; I finished this site in Symfony2 with two other developers, and it was the first time I used Symfony. I improved existing sites in Symfony1, for instance, by developing the payment process for PayPal and bank transfer via Banca Sella or by adding new dynamic areas.

PHP, MySQL, jQuery, Ajax, CSS3, HTML5, Bootstrap, GIT, Apache, SOAP.


WordPress Developer

09/2012- 11/2012

Milan, Italy

I worked for them as a WordPress Developer and Designer on some projects.

PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, WordPress.

Editoriale Domus

WordPress Developer

02/2012- 06/2012

Milan, Italy

In 2007 I developed for my former Project Manager the siteAppunti di golain WordPress; I integrated it with the Cucchiaio d’Argentosite in Drupal. A web agency finished the project.

PHP, MySQL, jQuery, Ajax, CSS3, HTML5, Apache, WordPress.


Web Developer

04/2011- 01/2012

Milan, Italy

I worked on the redesign and development of the company website in WordPress (Italian and Spanish version), with a custom template and plugin, integrated with the Java engine of the comparator. I also integrated some services directly into the Dashboard (e.g. the tracking of the deals).

PHP, MySQL, jQuery, Ajax, CSS, HTML, Apache, WordPress.

San Paolo Digital

Web Developer Senior

11/2010- 02/2011

Milan, Italy

I worked on a project named I Foglietti di Credere, and I provided to develop an original template in XHTML and PHP; I’ve made the WordPress installation and selection and adjusting plugins. I provided to develop also a geo search engine on Google Maps. The same for a project called “La Gazzetta d’Alba”, a magazine.

PHP, MySQL, jQuery, CSS, HTML, WordPress, Google Maps API.


Web Developer

05/2010- 10/2010

Milan, Italy

I helped to maintain, bugfix and develop new features for the company website in PHP; I also managed related websites in WordPress.

PHP, MySQL, jQuery, CSS, HTML, WordPress.

Spirali Edizioni

PHP Programmer

03/2008- 04/2010

Milan, Italy

I completely redesigned their e-commerce site in PHP v3, developed connections with various online payment systems (PayPal, Banca Sella, Banco di Sardegna) and reviewed the information architecture. I also developed some functions for their event site and simplified the common backend to both sites to facilitate information insertion.

PHP, MySQL, jQuery, CSS, HTML.


Web Area Coordinator and Programmer

07/2007- 03/2008

Milan, Italy

I developed the intranet for their company and related companies in PHP and a corporate website for one of their clients in ASP. I was also the development team coordinator, and I was responsible for managing the timing of projects and the training of developers.

ASP 3.0, SQL Server, PHP, MySQL, CSS, HTML.

Editoriale Domus

Chief Technical Officer

07/2006- 07/2007

Milan, Italy

I coordinated the Italian team with the Swiss developers for the portal Car4you to sell new and used cars based on the database Infocar developed by Quattroruote. I also managed more than 120 dealers to integrate their systems with the portal, developing an internal CRM. I also developed some web services for use by developers in Switzerland to control the tax code and the connection with the payment of Banca Sella.

SQL Server, Microsoft Access, .NET.


Web Developer

10/2004- 06/2006

Milan, Italy

I worked in ENI, designing the information architecture for the portal of internal communication, prototyping to complement existing websites in the portal business, reorganizing the content and features, and proposing new graphical interfaces conform to the portal by following the requirements of accessibility standards and XHTML.

HTML, CSS, Perl, ASP 3.0, TeamSite.

Worldstartel Communications

Web Developer

11/2003- 04/2004

Milan, Italy

I developed a mobile phones repairs system in ASP and SQL Server. From the admission to the exit, the application traced all the states of every mobile phone to repair and managed clients databases, suppliers, warehouses and shipping.

ASP 3.0, SQL Server, HTML, CSS, Javascript, VBScript.

Ideone - Homepage


Web Developer

01/2002- 06/2002

Milan, Italy

I worked on the website, an interactive satellite television. I developed, e.g. a voting system, the insertion and programming of the schedule, a filtering system sending SMS on TV.

ASP 3.0, SQL Server, HTML, CSS, Javascript, VBScript, Macromedia Flash.

Gate/Ernst & Young - Contact form


e-Learning Developer

10/2001- 01/2002

Milan, Italy

I developed the main website of the division. I also managed courses in the learning management system, IBM Lotus Learning Space 5.

ASP 3.0, SQL Server, HTML, CSS, Javascript, VBScript, IBM Lotus Learning Space 5.

Temporary - Homepage


Web Developer

06/2001- 09/2001

Milan, Italy

I modified and developed new features for the corporate website, for example, a 3-steps form to insert cv, and developed proposals for other sites.

ASP 3.0, SQL Server, Macromedia Flash, Fireworks, HTML, CSS, Javascript.


Information Architect

09/2000- 03/2001

Milan, Italy

I designed the information architecture of the e-learning projectPirelli Learning Labwith our team. We also chose the technology platformIsopia ILMS, a learning management system in Java, later acquired by Sun Microsystems.


Learning Technologies - Formazione a distanza


e-Learning Designer

05/2000- 07/2000

Milan, Italy

I designed and developed several online courses, and I also installed and administered IBM Lotus Learning Space, a learning management system.

ASP 3.0, SQL Server, HTML, CSS, IBM Lotus Learning Space.

Seceti - Banca popolare dell'Emilia Romagna


Web Master

03/2000- 05/2000

Milan, Italy

I developed with HTML, CSS, and Javascript the interface of an Internet banking application based on a COBOL program on an IBM OS/380.

HTML, CSS, Javascript, Apache.

TC Sistema

Web Developer

11/1999- 04/2000

Milan, Italy

I developed some of the features of an intranet document management designed for enterprises. I worked with a large group of developers using CVS connected to Visual Studio.

ASP 3.0, SQL Server, HTML, Visual Studio, CVS.

Teleura - Colletta Homepage


Web Master

06/1999- 07/1999

Milan, Italy

I modified and developed new features of the website of Colletta di Castelbianco, a medieval hill-top village restored as an internet e-village. I modified and improved the VRML models of the apartments. I also worked on the corporate website of one of their clients, reworking the structure and graphics.

ASP 3.0, SQL Server, DHTML, SSI, VRML.

ARPANet - Finearts Homepage


Web Master

03/1999- 12/1999

Milan, Italy

I worked on graphics and programming a website of antiques. I developed the product database in Access, creating a reserved area for registered users and an area for the administration of users by the admin.

HTML, ASP 3.0, Microsoft Access, Adobe Photoshop.

CIRED, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore


09/1998- 12/1998

Milan, Italy

I worked on the university website, modifying the HTML, they provided me with an internal course of ASP 3.0 and Access, and I managed enrolments in computer science courses using Excel.

ASP 3.0, HTML, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel.

WordPress jobs

Contract websites projects

Adele Fantoni - Homepage


Adele Fantoni

June 2019

The latest version (pro bono) of the WordPress template for this website I managed to put online many years ago. It was based on Bootstrap 4 and Underscores.

SUD Ristorante - Homepage


SUD Ristorante

January 2015

In 2012 I provided support for migration to new hosting, installed WordPress, and developed a template in HTML and PHP, selecting some plugins.
In 2015 I updated the main template to make it compatible with a multi-language plugin.

MMUL - Homepage



December 2013

I designed an original template with Adobe Fireworks, and then I developed a WordPress theme in HTML and PHP for both the corporate website and blog.

Appunti digòla

Appunti digòla

March 2011

I developed a template in HTML and PHP, giving support for migration to new hosting, and I also developed and managed the addresses of the restaurants using Google Maps, with a search engine.

Intranet Management

Intranet Management

April 2009

I migrated all the data fromSplinder, installed WordPress, chose and configured some plugins.
I converted into XHTML the previous version of the site, giving support in the transition from Windows to Linux hosting.



November 2008

I installed WordPress, I developed the template from the graphical version, I chose and configured some plugins.
I also converted in HTML pages the previous version of the website in ASP.

Centro Studi Luca d’Agliano

Centro Studi Luca d’Agliano

June 2008

I migrated the main site from Mambo to WordPress and converted the main template into valid XHTML.

Teaching and publications

CIFA (Centro Italiano Formazione Aggiornamento)


I was a JavaScript, VBScript, SQL, ASP, XML teacher for the European Social Fund courseEsperto Web Developer (Web Developer Expert).



I was an HTML, JavaScript, VBScript, SQL and ASP teacher for the Master Web Developer.

Franco Angeli

Software per l’apprendimento


I developed (programming and graphics) the CD-ROM distributed with the book Software per l’apprendimento (Software for learning), Franco Angeli, Milano, in Macromedia Director.
I was directly involved in the IRRE Lombardia research with the schools.

WordPress Plugin



A WordPress plugin to manage INCI (International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients).

You can set up your database of ingredients and products and easily insert a product table into posts and pages using a shortcode or a block.
There is an example product with ingredients into the data directory that can be imported using the standard WordPress Importer.

Get it on WordPressDownload .zipView on GitHub

Plugin features

  • Custom Post Type Ingredient: it comes with a function list, a source list and a visual safety field.
  • Custom Post Type Product: it comes with a brand taxonomy.
  • Single and multiple searches for ingredients: check the ingredient against the local database.
  • Options: exclude the default CSS, copy it into your style.css and customize it; change the disclaimer content.
  • Shortcode: in the product list, there is a column where you can copy the 'basic' shortcode relative to a specific product. If you need a different way to display it, you can:
    1. specify a different title
      Example:[wp_inci_product id="33591" title="My custom title"]
    2. automatically insert the product permalink
      Example:[wp_inci_product id="33591" link="true"]
    3. remove the ingredients listing
      Example:[wp_inci_product id="33591" link="true" list="false"]
    4. remove the safety from ingredients listing
      Example: [wp_inci_product id=”33591″ safety=”false”]
  • Languages: English, Italian.